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We believe that a supportive ecosystem is the key to success for any start-up, so we are dedicated to helping you create the best possible environment to grow your legal tech start-up.

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We offer mentorship and coaching services, expert matching, networking events, and more.

Our goal is to help you turn your vision into value by providing all the resources you need to succeed as a start-up in LegalTech, GovTech, RegTech, InsurTech, TaxTech and in all disciplines, making the legal market more innovative and enabling easy access to justice!
In our structured programme, we empower founders from the early stages to market readiness and initial funding. The LTC is a non-profit initiative, and our support is entirely free for teams.

Benefits of being part of our community

  • Stage 1

    Pre - Team

    We'll empower you to dive headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship! Our team works closely with you to identify your specific needs and connect you with the right people who can provide guidance and support.
    Through our network, you'll also gain valuable insights into the industry, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. We will guide you and provide you with important information about setting up a business, funding and programmes for start-ups, and help you find the best way to become an entrepreneur.

    • · Matching events
    • · Guidance on incubator programmes
    • · Information about funding opportunities
  • Stage 2

    Pre - Company

    As one of our start-ups you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the pre-incubation programme of UnternehmerTUM. We prepare your start-up for a successful launch, the development of an MVP and optimizing your pitch deck. Experienced mentors and coaches will guide you on your way, identifying your relevant market opportunities. You will become a highly dedicated entrepreneurial team by developing mindset, culture, and leadership skills.
    We see AI as the technical tool of choice for our start-ups and are therefore fine-tuning our own language model for prototyping. This innovative and specially trained NLP platform helps you extend or create new business models to maximize the potential of legal technology.

    • · Development of business model
    • · Pitch training
    • · Mentoring & Expert Matching
  • Stage 3

    Pre - Investment

    We can help you with the validation of your business model, the identification of your first customers and the securing of your first investment. Engage with industry specialists, business owners, and establish connections with corporations, legal firms, and governmental entities.
    We work closely with founders to develop fundraising strategies and connect you with investors who share your vision and goals. We help you to develop growth strategies, refine your business models, and scale your operations to meet the demands of a growing customer base. We also offer guidance and support on how to pitch your start-up effectively and make a compelling case for investment.

    • · Sales & Marketing training
    • · Validation of your product
    • · Investor Matching
  • Stage 4

    Scaling & Alumni

    Present your business in front of new investors and potential partners. Show off your passion, energy, and creativity and scale up your business, your team and your customer range. As a start-up in our network, you have the opportunity to present yourself regularly to companies, law firms, institutions and financiers.
    Our aim is to offer our start-ups and alumni a platform for exchange, dialogue and fresh ideas. Be an active part of our community and join us at community nights, workshop sessions, and panel discussions. We provide numerous opportunities for you to showcase your start-up and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders.

    • · Exchange of experience
    • · Networking Events
    • · Pitch Events

Success Stories

What could be more inspiring than tales of successful start-ups? Let these stories ignite your own entrepreneurial journey!

Easy language at the push of a button! Make any complicated text, including legal content, accessible and understandable with one click using the AI-based tool of SUMM.

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Kertos turns data privacy regulations into effortless compliance. No more headaches, no more uncertainties, no more risk. Executing regulatory demands and automating privacy operations was never this easy.

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The Certivity RegTech Software solution makes regulatory management in the automotive industry smarter, more transparent, more efficient and way cheaper.

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How to become a part of LTC

We know that the early stages of starting a business are hard — you probably have a lot of questions, and don't know where to even start. We want to help you get the best out of your vision and create an ecosystem where your start-up can thrive.

  • If you are a start-up and want to become a member of the Legal Tech Colab, you have to apply in the section underneath. In a first step, we will ask you to fill out a form answering questions regarding your start-up. You will also be asked to book a 20-minute meeting with our program manager Charlotte. If we think it is a fit, we will invite you to pitch at our entry-gate. In a 5 minute pitch followed by 20 minutes of questions you will be able to present your start-up in front of our whole team. Based on this pitch, we find out if your start-up and the LTC are a match! Once you are a LTC-member we support you with visibility, network, know-how-transfer, infrastructure and help you to find a team. Applications are open all year around. If you are simply interested in our work, want to become a mentor or get in touch with us regarding a different topic please reach out to us.

  • No matter where you come from, we are open to everyone. If you have an idea and are looking for co-founders, or if you already have a team and are looking for an idea, either is a fit for the Legal Tech Colab. The basis is simple: if you bring passion and interest to the legal industry, we will find the perfect fit for you.

  • Once you have completed our form or sent us an email, we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within a week. We will arrange a meeting and explore the options for your involvement.

  • Once you are a LTC-member we support you with visibility, network, know-how-transfer, infrastructure and help you to find a team. The more time you invest the more you get out of our program.

  • This depends on the programme or event. We have different formats. Just keep in touch with us, follow our social media and sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about our activities. Are you missing a format or do you have any suggestions? Contact our team and we will be happy to hear from you.

  • The services of the LTC are free of charge for non-commercial start-up teams, students, scientists and alumni. The LTC is a non-profit organisation and the activities of the Legal Tech Colab do not generate any income for UnternehmerTUM and TUM Venture Labs (with the exception of patent licences through technology transfer).

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